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Why Spectrum Pacific Learning

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Why Spectrum Pacific Learning

Designing and delivering effective e-learning solutions is our expertise.

Since 1996 Spectrum Pacific Learning has been creating and supporting distance and online learning. As a purveyor of innovative, custom e-learning solutions, Spectrum Pacific Learning understands the history and product landscape of online learning. Spectrum Pacific Learning offers the latest advancements in:

  • E-learning consulting, training and project management
  • Content design and development
  • Content management
  • Multimedia Development
  • 24/7 technical support

Our core competency is helping clients design effective e-learning that engages the three most common learning styles:

  • Auditory
  • Visual
  • Kinesthetic (hands-on)

Our goal is to make sure your online learning offers an innovative, interesting and interactive experience.

Spectrum Pacific Learning can build content on:

  • Our platform
  • Your platform

Whichever fits your needs. And since you own the final product, we can teach your designated team members to update the content.

From small, nonprofit academic institutions looking to launch their first online courses, to large nonprofit organizations developing comprehensive online training programs, Spectrum Pacific Learning helps clients improve the effectiveness of their e-learning content and delivery.

Why Spectrum Pacific Learning

Spectrum Pacific Learning is an affiliate of the National University System.