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To have a profound impact on the continued growth and development of the e-learning sector through innovative course design, development and delivery to nonprofit educational institutions and other nonprofit organizations.

Spectrum Pacific Learning has developed expertise in e-learning through its primary focus in supporting the National University System -- expertise that can benefit other nonprofit institutions.

Spectrum Pacific Learning's goal is to be the provider of first choice for educational institutions seeking to move their programs online.

In addition, Spectrum Pacific Learning will assist organizations already using the online environment with the enhancement of their programs. The vision for Spectrum Pacific Learning is to enable clients to offer effective e-learning programs for education and training with an easy-to-use, affordable, and comprehensive suite of services.

The values of Spectrum Pacific Learning are simple: provide superior service by honoring and supporting its commitments, and operating with integrity at all times.

Spectrum Pacific Learning's core competency is to help clients move to the online learning arena through effective online design that engages the three most common learning styles: auditory, kinesthetic (hands-on), and visual in order to create the optimal online learning experience.The goal is to make sure client online learning offers an Innovative, Interesting and Interactive learning experience.

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Spectrum Pacific Learning is an affiliate of the National University System.