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Effective e-Learning

Taking e-learning solutions to higher levels.

Your online learning course has the potential to engage and stimulate your learners in ways of which you've only dreamed. By bringing best practices in education and training, learning theory, information display, and multimedia design together, our Effective e-learning Model (e2L) enables us to create idealized and interactive learning environments for each client project.

As e-learning continues to grow as a forum for education and training, other organizations recognize e2L's value and have adopted our model for their own use:

While the model, spelled out, may look simple, its theoretical underpinnings are quite complex. E-learning theory has shown that simply migrating course materials to an online environment will not produce the same experience or effects. The e-learning environment needs to reach all types of learners: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Additionally, for every concept, theory and application of course or program content, the integration and utilization of all available resources is essential.

As a model, e2L provides the strategic direction for all Spectrum Pacific Learning projects. Applying e2L to our projects ensures that your online content includes a strategic mix of:

3 to 5 Minute Clusters
Content should be strategically mixed in chunks of 3 to 5 minutes.

On screen - no more than three to four sentences at a time broken up by visual mix, full documents only as attachments or links.

Visual Aids
Graph, chart, table, picture.

Benchmarking and Assessment
Front-end benchmarking and periodic assessing validates learning experience.

Streaming Media
Observation opportunity.

Interactive media that allows virtual hands-on application.

Community Learning Interaction
Exchange with fellow learners.

Asynchronous and Synchronous
Self-paced contribution and or same-time exchange.

Subject Matter Expert Interaction
Guidance, exchange, and feedback from content expert interaction.

Of material, experience, etc.

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Effective e-Learning

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