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Spectrum Pacific Learning Successes

Providing results and leadership in e-learning.

Industry experience, accessible pricing, and a wide range of services have enabled Spectrum Pacific Learning to maintain a leadership position in online learning. Always innovative and responsive to client needs and timelines, we have effectively translated our own success into client successes.

As a Spectrum Pacific Learning client, you can expect:

  • A menu-pricing approach to e-learning consulting by experienced professionals.
  • A proven e-learning model that other organizations are adopting
  • The ability to support multiple platforms.
  • Extensive multimedia design and development.
  • Multiple enrollment options of users to benefit smaller institutions and organizations.
  • Increased effectiveness in the e-learning environment to benefit larger organizations with existing online programs.
  • The most up-to-date resources and information about online learning
  • Dedicated services.
Spectrum Pacific Learning Successes

Spectrum Pacific Learning is an affiliate of the National University System.