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Web Development and Online Course Design

Creating engaging online course development and e-learning experiences for e-learners everywhere.

Comprehensive Course Design and Development
We offer the flexibility to develop your coursework on your platform or our platform - whichever fits your needs. And since you own the final product, we can teach your staff to update content once we've helped you launch your course.

Spectrum Pacific Learning works with many clients from the initial conception of an online course through the final implementation of the development cycle. Our expert designers work with your content experts to build online courses from the ground up. Then our instructional design and technical teams develop your new content into an effective, engaging e-learning format.

We offer flexible, customizable, menu options and competitively priced services designed to address the broad to very specific needs of each client. For more information, please contact us.

Web Development and Online Course Design

Spectrum Pacific Learning is an affiliate of the National University System.