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Learning Management System and Support

Strategic partnerships for delivering your e-learning content:

  • Use our partner platform Learning Management System (or Course Management System)
  • Use your own Learning Management System
  • Leverage your intranet or the internet for your online learning

We offer the flexibility to develop your coursework on your e-learning management system, our partner e-learning management system, or the Web -- whichever format fits your needs. And since you own the final product, we can teach your designated team members to update the content on whatever e-learning management system that works best for your online learning requirements and goals.

Spectrum Pacific Learning can develop online courses and training content on a variety of learning management systems and platforms. If you'd like us to develop on your existing learning management system or platform, we're willing to invest our time to learn it at no extra cost to your project.

If you're interested in trying a new learning management system or are just starting out in e-learning, Spectrum Pacific Learning is a partner provider (and a select eCollege reseller) of a leading learning management system that offers course management and content management. Under this model, you work directly with us to host, design, manage, and administer your e-learning content. This works well for our clients who anticipate that fewer than several thousand users will be participating in any one learning environment at any given time. Because there is no licensing fee to be paid, it's also a cost-effective option while your organization builds its online programs.

Spectrum Pacific Learning can develop course and training content on a variety of platforms.

We offer flexible, customizable, menu options and competitively priced services designed to address the broad to very specific needs of each client. For more information, please contact us.

Learning Management System and Support

Spectrum Pacific Learning is an affiliate of the National University System.